Welcome to our online tutorial about curing vertigo. I am really excited to show you this information as it has benefited many people in understanding and solving their vertigo problems.

This is the starting point for curing your vertigo. This online tutorial will aim to empower you with a better understanding of why you have vertigo, what causes it and more importantly how to get rid of it. There is  a little bit of science involved, but I promise you it will help you have a better understanding of your vertigo and appreciate a proper solution for the problem.

This online tutorial will consist of 4 parts:

1. How our balance system works.

2. The mechanisms of BPPV or positional vertigo.

3. The role of medication in treating BPPV.

4. Free excerpt from ‘Cure Vertigo’ ebook on the first steps to curing your vertigo.

1. How our inner ear balance system works

Now that we understand how the balance system works, let’s move on and learn what happens to cause positional vertigo and why you feel dizzy when you roll over in bed or bend forwards.

==>Click here to continue to learn about ‘The mechanisms of BPPV or positional vertigo.’

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